Monday, December 21, 2009


Songlines Recordings, home to such critically acclaimed cutting edge jazz/new music artists as Jerry Granelli, Michael Blake, James Carney, BenoƮt Delbecq and Ryan Blotnick, recently opened a store at

Since 2001, Songlines has released almost all of its music as hybrid SACDs. Now, thanks to the innovative technology that powers HD Tracks, the same audiophile listeners who turned to Songlines SACDs for high quality sound and music will be able to download files that play in any environment. All tracks from the site are DRM free and can be played on any computer or portable device.

All forty of Songlines' SACD releases are available in stereo at 24/88.2 or 24/96 (FLAC encoded), as well as at 16/44.1 and as 320 kbps MP3s, along with the rest of the Songlines catalog, all with complete artwork in PDF format.

Several CD releases, both catalog and recent titles, are available at HD Tracks in high-res for the first time, including guitarist Ryan Blotnick's Everything Forgets; Looks like it's going to snow from The October Trio; Sean Noonan's Boxing Dreams; and Ghost of Electricity from Junk Genius. Wayne Horvitz's Forever (once available as a DVD-Audio from Hi Res Music) is also there.

The Songlines HD Tracks store can be found at:

Songlines founder Tony Reif says that he's not yet ready to abandon CDs in favor of digital downloads. "For the moment, we will continue to release music on CD as well as digitally. We still love multi-channel, but producing SACDs is unfortunately not financially viable these days. Hopefully multi-channel downloads will become an option in the not-too-distant future."

For more information on Songlines and its artists, visit


I'll be posting press releases and other information of note about GoMediaPR's family of artists and labels here, as well as distributing them via all the usual channels.You'll find links to sites where you can listen to some of the music mentioned, or just get more detailed information.

2009 may be drawing to a close, but there's still plenty going on. Coming up in the next couple of weeks will be news about Songlines Recordings' new store on, the new jazz solo clarinet recording from Mort Weiss, and a new chapter in Darrol Anger's career.

Let's get started and see how it goes.